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Trump: ‘Made in USA’ Bitcoin”



In a bid to court the crypto industry and its supporters, former President Donald Trump has declared his desire for all remaining Bitcoin to be mined within the United States, positioning the cryptocurrency as a defense against a potential central bank digital currency.

Meta description: Former President Donald Trump doubles down on his pro-crypto stance, calling for all remaining Bitcoin mining to occur in the US as he seeks to woo the industry’s voters ahead of the 2024 election.

Donald Trump, the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee, took his embrace of the cryptocurrency industry a step further on Wednesday, stating on Truth Social: “WE WANT ALL THE REMAINING BITCOIN TO BE MADE IN THE USA!!!!” He framed Bitcoin mining as a means for the US to achieve “energy dominance” and a “last line of defense” against a central bank digital currency (CBDC) from the Federal Reserve.


Trump’s latest pro-crypto remarks come after he hosted a meeting with several Bitcoin mining executives at his Mar-a-Lago resort, including representatives from Riot Platforms, CleanSpark, and TeraWulf. The attendees discussed how Bitcoin mining could strengthen the electrical grid and create jobs, with Trump reportedly promising to support the sector if elected.

The former president’s stance marks a stark contrast with President Joe Biden’s administration, which has proposed a 30% electricity tax on Bitcoin miners and faced mounting pressure over the industry’s emissions and energy consumption. Trump has accused Biden of having a “hatred of Bitcoin” and suggested embracing crypto could benefit the US against its adversaries, though the rationale behind these claims remains unclear.

While Trump previously dismissed cryptocurrencies as a “scam,” he has since reversed course, accepting crypto campaign donations, selling digital trading cards, and revealing millions in digital assets. His latest remarks solidify his pro-crypto positioning as he seeks to attract the growing base of cryptocurrency supporters, estimated at over 50 million Americans.

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10 Tips To Creating Quality YouTube Content on a Budget



Producing engaging YouTube videos doesn’t have to break the bank. With the right strategies and tools, you can create high-quality content that resonates with your audience without overspending.

1. Plan Your Content
Define the purpose and message of each video before filming. This clarity will guide your production and editing processes, ensuring efficiency and focus.
2. Leverage Your Smartphone
Modern smartphones have excellent cameras. Use your phone’s camera and invest in a simple tripod and microphone for enhanced stability and audio quality.
3. Free Editing Software
Utilize free or low-cost video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm Express, or iMovie. These programs offer powerful editing tools without the hefty price tag.
4. Good Lighting
Take advantage of natural light or invest in affordable lighting options like ring lights or softbox lights.
5. Batch Content Creation
Dedicate a day to shoot multiple videos, saving time and streamlining editing. This approach maintains a consistent posting schedule, crucial for audience engagement and algorithm favorability.
6. Enhance Audio Quality
Invest in an external microphone or record in a quiet environment to minimize background noise.
7. Engage with Your Audience
Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and encourage viewers to engage with your content. This interaction helps understand what your audience enjoys and guides future content creation.
8. Optimize for SEO
Utilize keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags to improve searchability. Research trending topics and tailor content to meet those interests.
9. Collaborate with Other Creators
Partner with other YouTubers to expose yourself to new audiences and fresh content ideas.
10. Keep Learning and Adapting
Analyze performance through YouTube analytics and refine your approach based on what works and what doesn’t.
Creating high-quality YouTube content on a budget requires resourcefulness and strategy. By planning effectively, utilizing available tools, and engaging with your audience, you can produce compelling videos that resonate with viewers without overspending. Focus on delivering value, and your channel will grow!

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Why Businesses Should Advertise More Than Ever in This Economy



In today’s challenging economic landscape, businesses may be tempted to cut back on advertising to save costs. However, data and expert opinions suggest that maintaining or even increasing advertising efforts can be crucial for survival and growth.

Stand Out in a Less Crowded Field

With many businesses reducing their ad spend, there’s an opportunity to gain more visibility. According to a study by McGraw Hill, companies that continued advertising during the 1981-1982 recession saw 256% higher sales than those that didn’t when the economy recovered.

Cost-Effective Opportunities

The reduced competition for ad space can lead to more affordable advertising options. This allows businesses to get more bang for their buck and potentially reach audiences that were previously out of budget.

Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior

Economic pressures are changing consumer priorities. Advertising allows businesses to communicate how their products or services meet new needs. For instance, 68% of consumers now prioritize authentic and relatable social media content over polished content.

Local Advertising Impact

Nearly 60% of senior marketing specialists believe local marketing is key to an enterprise’s profitability and growth. Local advertising can be particularly effective and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Digital Advertising Growth

The digital advertising market was valued at $601.8 billion in 2023, with media ads accounting for 67.1% of overall ad expenditure. This highlights the growing importance of digital platforms in reaching consumers.

Video and Short-Form Content Effectiveness

  • 57% of Gen Z and 42% of Millennials prefer short-form video for product discovery
  • 54% of social media marketers choose it as their primary format
  • 33% of marketers plan to invest more in short-form video than any other format

Building Trust and Stability

Consistent advertising during economic downturns signals stability and reliability. This helps build brand authority and consumer trust, which are crucial for long-term success.

Prepare for Economic Recovery

Businesses that maintain their advertising presence during tough times are better positioned to capture market share when the economy improves.

Experiential Marketing

77% of marketers use experiential marketing as a key part of their plan, and 16% plan to try it for the first time. This approach can create memorable brand experiences even in challenging times.

Affordable Options for Small Businesses

Local advertising options like flyers, community partnerships, and targeted digital ads can be cost-effective for businesses with limited budgets.

While the current economy presents challenges, it also offers unique opportunities for businesses willing to invest in smart advertising strategies. By focusing on targeted, cost-effective approaches and leveraging both traditional and digital platforms, businesses can not only survive but thrive in this economic climate. Remember, the key is not just to advertise more, but to advertise smarter, focusing on channels and messages that resonate with your target audience and provide measurable returns on investment.

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How Festivals Support and Promote New Talent



Film festivals play a crucial role in supporting and promoting new talent in the film industry. These events serve as launching pads for emerging filmmakers, providing them with exposure, networking opportunities, and recognition that can jumpstart their careers. Here’s how film festivals contribute to nurturing new talent:

Showcasing Emerging Filmmakers’ Work

Film festivals create dedicated platforms for showcasing the work of up-and-coming filmmakers. Many festivals have specific categories or sections focused on emerging talent, giving these artists a chance to present their films to audiences, critics, and industry professionals. This exposure is invaluable for new filmmakers who might otherwise struggle to find venues for their work.

Providing Networking Opportunities


One of the most significant benefits of film festivals for new talent is the networking opportunities they offer. These events bring together filmmakers, producers, distributors, and other industry professionals, creating an environment ripe for making connections. For emerging artists, these interactions can lead to collaborations, mentorship opportunities, or even funding for future projects.

Offering Awards and Recognition

Many film festivals have awards specifically designed to recognize and encourage new talent. These accolades can range from “Best Emerging Filmmaker” to awards for best debut feature or short film. Winning or even being nominated for such awards can significantly boost a filmmaker’s credibility and visibility within the industry.

Facilitating Industry Connections


Some festivals go beyond mere screenings and actively work to connect emerging filmmakers with industry professionals. They may organize pitch sessions, workshops, or one-on-one meetings with producers and distributors. These initiatives can help new talent navigate the complex world of film production and distribution.

Providing Educational Opportunities

Many film festivals incorporate educational components such as masterclasses, panel discussions, and workshops. These sessions, often led by established industry professionals, provide valuable insights and skills to emerging filmmakers, helping them refine their craft and understand the business side of filmmaking.

Creating a Supportive Community


Film festivals foster a sense of community among filmmakers, especially those just starting their careers. This supportive environment allows new talent to share experiences, learn from peers, and find encouragement in their artistic pursuits.

Offering Financial Support

Some festivals go beyond recognition and actively provide financial support to emerging filmmakers. This can come in the form of cash prizes for competition winners, grants for future projects, or even production support for works-in-progress.

Providing a Platform for Diverse Voices


Film festivals often prioritize diversity and inclusion, giving platforms to underrepresented voices in the film industry. This focus helps bring fresh perspectives and stories to the forefront, enriching the cinematic landscape.

Facilitating Distribution Opportunities

For many emerging filmmakers, getting their work seen beyond the festival circuit is a significant challenge. Film festivals can serve as a bridge to distribution, with many distributors attending festivals specifically to scout new talent and acquire promising films.

Building Audience Awareness


Film festivals help build audience awareness for new filmmakers. By including their work in festival programs and promoting them alongside more established names, festivals introduce emerging talent to audiences who might not otherwise discover their films.

In conclusion, film festivals play a multifaceted role in supporting and promoting new talent. They provide visibility, networking opportunities, recognition, education, and sometimes even financial support to emerging filmmakers. By doing so, they not only help launch individual careers but also contribute to the ongoing vitality and diversity of the film industry as a whole.

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