About Bolanle

Who We Are

Bolanle is a multimedia production company founded by Roselyn Omaka and is based in Houston, Texas. It is black owned, female owned production company producing The Roselyn Omaka show. In addition, Bolanle creates and produces original podcast programming for YouTube, Anchor by Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Most recently, Bolanle has produced shows such as The Roselyn Omaka Show, Common Ground, A Message From the Elders among others.

Roselyn Omaka
Founder & Creative Director at Bolanle
Our Services

Our Core Principles

We have strategized a comprehensive process to assist, educate and empower each individual of our community.


Customized and explicitly personalized programs to suit an individual's needs.


Educational centres for people of all ages in BIPOC Communities

Legacy Builder

Accelerator programs to help our young BIPOC entrepreneurs build and grow.

Personal Connections

Personal and professional growth for all individuals.