Gracie Henley

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Camera, Editing, Inspiration, Production


Gracie’s professional career began with photography and large scale events for Lone Star Pabst and Bud Light. She’s photographed artists such as Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, and Pitbull. From event photography she moved into print and began shooting with the Food Network completing a cook book for celebrity chef Eddie Jackson. Through photography she was able to evolve her set of skills into motion pictures and has multiple awards from personal short films to collaborative works and was a top finalist in the Disney’s New Director Contest and her work in film has afforded many opportunities to direct and DP multiple projects for IVOX MEDIA. As an artist, she has always been drawn to stories and visuals that compel audiences to consider the lives and realities of others. She believes movie magic is real magic and it only takes one person to connect with your art to set it apart. Always remember to press record.

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Gracie Henley

Gracie stops by The Roselyn Omaka Show to discuss the making of the psychological thriller “The Reading” starring Oscar winner Mo’Nique. She talks about the behind-the-scenes process, including the challenges and triumphs of working on the film. She also shares insights into the story and characters, and how she used her skills in photography and film to bring the story to life. Gracie emphasizes the importance of connecting with audiences and the power of movie magic to transport viewers to different worlds and perspectives. She encourages aspiring filmmakers to always press record and capture their own stories.

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