Chasity Sereal

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Chasity Sereal is a talented actress, known for her breakout role in the hit BET film \'The Reading\', as well as her performances in \'Amygdala\' and \'BLINK\'. Not only is she making waves in the acting world, but she is also a fashion designer who has been featured on hit TV show 'Project Runway'.

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Chasity Sereal

In our next episode of The Roselyn Omaka Show, we have a special treat for our listeners. We will be featuring the breakout actress Sky, who stars in the highly-anticipated new movie ‘The Reading’ by Lee Daniels and Courtney Glaude. This film is putting Houston on the map in the film industry and Sky’s performance is getting a lot of attention. Our listeners will have the opportunity to hear from Sky herself about her experience working on the film, her thoughts on the industry, and her future projects. Don’t miss out on this episode as it promises to be an exciting one. Tune in next week and don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you never miss an episode of The Roselyn Omaka Show.

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