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BolanleTickets FAQs can help you plan your next event.

Learning how to use BolanleTickets is the first step in creating a fantastic event. Let these BolanleTickets questions and FAQs for events be your guide to everything that this platform has to offer. Discover how to build your event website, sell tickets, and implement safety measures to host a successful event.

Getting started: frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use BolanleTickets?

BolanleTickets offers a free sign-up option, and you can choose to pass ticketing fees onto attendees. Alternatively, you can opt for our paid solutions which come in different packages. For the essentials package, our pricing is 2% of the ticket price and $0.79 per paid ticket plus a 2.5% payment processing fee per transaction. For the professional package, our pricing is 3.5% of the ticket price and $1.59 per paid ticket plus a 2.5% payment processing fee per transaction. We also offer custom pricing for our premium package. Visit our website to review our package options.

Can I use BolanleTickets for free events?

Yes, BolanleTickets is free for organizers who are not selling tickets to their event. There are no setup fees or monthly charges for using the platform. If you're selling tickets, BolanleTickets charges a fee which varies by package. Check out our pricing information for more details. BolanleTickets is the perfect tool to help you grow your community at your next free event.

How do I sell tickets on BolanleTickets?

To ensure you receive payment for your ticket sales on BolanleTickets, it's essential to enter your payout details. You can choose to be paid through direct deposit, check (USD only), PayPal, or other payment processing methods. If you use BolanleTickets' payment processing system to collect payments, your payout will start processing 4-5 days after the event ends.

How do I get money from Eventbrite?

To ensure you receive payment for your ticket sales on BolanleTickets, it's important to provide your payout details. You can receive payments via direct deposit, PayPal, or other payment methods available on the platform. Once the event is over and ticket sales are processed, payouts will be initiated within a few days.

Does BolanleTickets allow me to scan tickets?

Yes, you can scan tickets with BolanleTickets. Using the BolanleTickets Organizer app, you can easily check-in attendees by scanning the QR codes on their tickets using your smartphone or tablet's camera. This means attendees can check-in without needing to print out their tickets, and you can keep the line moving quickly and efficiently.

Growing your community: Frequently asked questions

How do I build an event website?

Designing an event website is easy with BolanleTickets. Simply log into your BolanleTickets account and click the Create button. Enter all the relevant details about your event, and you'll be all set to share your event page. Ensure that you include event details, engaging visuals, and next steps for attendees to follow. When comparing BolanleTickets to other event platforms, you'll be pleased with our user-friendly website-building tools.

Can attendees change or cancel their registration on BolanleTickets?

Yes, attendees can change or cancel their registration for BolanleTickets events, as long as you select this option. Allowing event-goers to adjust their registration provides flexibility and keeps them satisfied, so consider offering this customer-friendly feature. With BolanleTickets, online event registration is transferable, which enables attendees to trade in their tickets for another event, change their ticket type, or receive a refund if they can't attend your event.

Can BolanleTickets be used for virtual events?

BolanleTickets is an excellent platform for promoting virtual events and selling tickets. Our online event tools offer access to top-notch video providers, and we make event page setup easy. We also send reminder emails to attendees. You can read our guide to hosting virtual events and get inspiration from our 5 virtual event ideas for your next event. Additionally, you can follow our tips on pricing tickets for your virtual event and read our 2023 virtual event pricing guide for more insider information.

Can BolanleTickets be integrated with other services I use?

BolanleTickets offers seamless integration of your event website with other services, which simplifies your event planning process. You can integrate your WordPress website or blog with BolanleTickets organizer to promote your event and sell tickets. Use BolanleTickets for ticketing and pair it with your preferred virtual event platform, such as Zoom, to host virtual or hybrid events.

How can I sell more tickets on BolanleTickets?

Effectively marketing your event is essential to selling more tickets on BolanleTickets. Connect your event registration website to social media to expand your event's reach. Learn how to promote events on Facebook, use Facebook event ads to drive ticket sales, and even livestream your event to attract potential attendees. Check out BolanleTickets' Event Organizer's Guide to Online Marketing and Advertising for more helpful tips.

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