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Bolanle is a marketing & consulting company that promotes brands that create innovative solutions for people and the planet.

At Bolanle, we're your business partner for growth.

Our focus is to increase your business success through high-value digital marketing strategies focused on maximizing profit.

Our mission is to bring visibility to those pushing the world forward.
What we do

We broadcast your business to Those Who Need You.

A strong presence is the first step toward success. Get the most essential set of tools you need to start building your online reputation.

Presence management is making sure that your customers can find the right information about your business online. Correct and consistent listings across directories, review sites and social networks is crucial.

Are you launching a new business? When it comes to getting your company off the ground, collecting quality customers to build a loyal following and branching out for future growth, success starts with your company’s image. A custom company logo design is perfect place to start for your new business.

Have the power to gather customer experiences to boost online star power and drive more business. Win the trust of new customers, collect their valuable feedback and show up where they are looking.

For your business to be successful on social media they need to post a nonstop stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels.

We can create beautiful websites that perform exceptionally for you. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure means your site will always be secure and protected, Google-fast, and scale.

Search engines like Google look at two things when evaluating a website and deciding where to rank it – relevance and trust. If a large number of high-quality sites point back to it and your content satisfies the searcher’s intent then the Google algorithm will start to trust it more and move it up in the rankings. Let’s move your site up.

We can provide an Audience Insight Report for location targeting. These reports tell us your customers’ basic geographic data, visitor frequency, household income, and much more. Now you can figure out if your target audience is desirable and also use that information to run a an awesome campaign.

Bring all your ad campaigns under one roof so you can see what’s working across various platforms. Uncover recipes behind rockstar campaigns, pinpoint what’s making you money, and use automation to stay on top of reporting.

Bring your message to life and connect with your audience with visuals to tell your story the best way you know how.